Out with the old

04 January 2020

2019 was an Interesting year.

I started new friendships and relationships on healthier foundations, and I let go of people that were harming me. I put some real time and energy in to caring for my mental and physical health, and as a result I am definitely immortal now. I moved across country in to a little apartment in my favourite neighbourhood of a small city that I've been visiting for many years. I also finished enough of this on-again/off-again project of a tiny DB-less CMS. I'm not sure what to call it, but I hope to do a bit of regular blogging with it now. I hope to share some of the code here eventually.

I hope to carry all of this positive energy forward in to the new year.

I'm also afraid for 2020. The fires of climate change are ravaging Australia while politicians stand by and do nothing. The USA has assassinated an Iranian general, and the gears of war are turning. I worry about my American friends and partners as their country continues to eat itself like a giant patriotic ouroboros. I fear that humanity is entering a dark dark era, and that the people lack the material resources and political will to make the systemic changes that we need to make.

I hope to carry a fighting energy forward in to the new year, and not let these fears consume me.

I don't really do new years' resolutions... but this year it's definitely 4K. And i hope to write more regularly, exercise more often, and be more in touch with my spirituality.