Bought a sewing machine

22 August 2020

I bought a cheap sewing machine to get me through the plague, as you do.

The first project was a pillowcase. That's a pretty common one. Nice straight lines, simple seams, practical. And I was having trouble finding a pillowcase for a certain oddly shaped pillow inherited.

Project #2 was a mask with a pretty fabric and embedded heavy felt filter. It's not the best but it will do in a pinch. This one is number #5, and the successful attempt. I'm looking for better filter material, and experimenting with the fit. I'll be making more of these soon. I think #6 will be my best.

I also tried my hand at some decorative patchwork on my girlfriend's shirt. These patches are machine sewn, with some simple hand embroidery around the trim. I really like this aesthetic. This is definitely a skill I want to explore. I'm fully in love with the idea of repairing things instead of throwing them away.

photograph of a pillow with a nice pillowcase photograph of a sewing machine and COVID mask on a black table photograph of my partner wearing a shirt with 3 violet square patches, embellished with turquoise embroidery