02 December 2019

Hi! I'm Meagan (They/Them)

This is my hand-rolled CMS. It's sort of a pet project, and a work in progress.

under construction

IOT: Into Darkness

11 February 2021

I started toying with Home Assistant and some LIFX lights.

So far i have automations that

  • Turn all the lights on when I wake at 4:00
  • Slow-fade lights off at sunrise
  • Slow-fade lights on at sunset
  • Flash the lights when it's past my bedtime, and the begin a slow fade off
  • Bathroom lights toggle between a time-dependent colour temperature when 'on', and a dim red nightlight
  • Git push to deploy 😎

Breakfast Poutine 🤤

23 August 2020

I am strongly considering that breakfast poutine with real hollandaise sauce tastes wrong. I'm so used to it with the cheap yellow gravy. Maybe i just need to change the seasoning. The traditional vinegar reduction seems to be "wrong" somehow.

picture of 2 bowls of breakfast poutine garnished with parsely

Bought a sewing machine

22 August 2020

I bought a cheap sewing machine to get me through the plague, as you do.

The first project was a pillowcase. That's a pretty common one. Nice straight lines, simple seams, practical. And I was having trouble finding a pillowcase for a certain oddly shaped pillow inherited.

Project #2 was a mask with a pretty fabric and embedded heavy felt filter. It's not the best but it will do in a pinch. This one is number #5, and the successful attempt. I'm looking for better filter material, and experimenting with the fit. I'll be making more of these soon. I think #6 will be my best.

Well that was unexpected

09 August 2020

So, I honestly had intended to write more. Between the stress of unpacking, COVID and some other stuff too personal for this blog, it just hasn't happened. But this is a post and that counts. :)

I did do the bread thing until it got too hot to make bread. I picked up a sewing machine and I'm trying to mend more of my clothing instead of simply replacing it. I'm getting more exercise through long walks and cycling. You know... the normal plague stuff.

I think I've made the best of this summer all things considered.

Out with the old

04 January 2020

2019 was an Interesting year.

I started new friendships and relationships on healthier foundations, and I let go of people that were harming me. I put some real time and energy in to caring for my mental and physical health, and as a result I am definitely immortal now. I moved across country in to a little apartment in my favourite neighbourhood of a small city that I've been visiting for many years. I also finished enough of this on-again/off-again project of a tiny DB-less CMS. I'm not sure what to call it, but I hope to do a bit of regular blogging with it now. I hope to share some of the code here eventually.

I hope to carry all of this positive energy forward in to the new year.